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sick. i was scared to wrestle carmine. he was the size of a bear and he had a full mustache. i pretended i had mono, and i stayed home. i knew it. you always looked out for me, man. you always did, and i know i would not be where i am today if you didn't wrestle carmine tambornini. well, that's all i ever wanted to hear. (dale panting) come here. (both laughing) you hug like an old woman. (scattered applause) this is amazing. amazing! ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our adventure. if you liked it, i hope you'll tell your friends-- "skip the tour." out of the office, skip. and we're moving on. we're moving as quickly as possible, guys. oh, hey-hey, uh? (laughs)
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yeah. yeah. all right. captioned by media access group at wgbh male announcer: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. - in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. - amen. - peace be with you. - and with your spirit. - the mass has ended. go in peace to love and serve the lord. - thanks be to god. [james blunt's i'll take everything] - ♪ oh, these feet carry me far ♪ ♪ oh, my body ♪ oh, so tired ♪ mouth is dry
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♪ here i swear - you're late again, craig. didn't beth call you? you know, i don't understand. is it too much to ask if you-- [gunshots] - [vocalizing] ♪ in this life [gunshot] ♪ i'll join everyone ♪ ooh, and understand - have a good night, al. - you too, jeannie. be safe out there. [lighter sparks] - craig? what are you doing here? where is my mother? i have been call-- [gunshot] - aah! [gunshot] - craig, no! [gunshots] - ♪ in this life ♪ i'll join everyone
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♪ - hey, hey, hey. - ooh, lookin' good, jeannie. - nice. what's that, rabbit fur? - 30 bucks, century 21. - mm. - sam? what, no lipstick stains on my coffee cup? you must be expecting company. - ooh, mama. [laughter] - ♪ ooh, and understand ♪ 'cause all men die ♪ - give me that money. give that money! - yo, shouldn't you be at home, grandmom? - [hisses] - jeannie, jeannie. - hey, baby. hey, it's you. i didn't recognize you. where's your car?
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- get in. - baby, you all right? - yeah, fine. get in. - [vocalizing] ♪ in this life ♪ i'll join everyone - ooh, i missed you. let's have fun. - ♪ 'cause all men die [dramatic music] ♪
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like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. subway. eat fresh.
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like an under 200 calorie steak egg white & cheese. is believed to be headed to the bronx. we have a task force-- nypd, state police, fbi. everybody works 12 on, 12 off. r.d.o.s are cancelled until he's caught. agent cantwell will bring you up to speed. - captain. rasmussen's a long-haul bus driver. he was laid off earlier this year. now, approximately five hours ago, he shot and killed his mother-in-law, his wife, and two of her co-workers. he left the scene in a stolen car, heading south. about three hours ago, he fatally shot this gas station attendant. - how does svu help? - before rasmussen's cell phone went dead, he made two calls to jeannie kerns, a prostitute working hunts point. liv, you remember her? - should i? - '92, you intervened in a dispute between her and a john. - when i was on patrol, captain, i did that a hundred times.
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- yeah, well, turns out this particular john is our shooter. - well, that can't be the same woman. that was 20 year ago. - yes, it is. it's her. - she's been on the street since the late '80s. 79 arrests in the last 25 years. - and rasmussen's cell phone records show regular calls to her cell going back 20 years. - do we know if she's still alive? - no, she's not at home. she's not answering her phone. we need svu to flood the hunts point zone, track down this hooker. - looking at ballistics, he's used three different weapons, and including a 7.62. - cell phone records also show he was in scranton three days ago, as was the great american gun show. so local a.t.f. is handing his photo out to the vendors. - so you're putting nypd in the line of fire? - that's how the fbi's handling this. you'll have an e.s.u. team and an fbi swat team on-site. - okay. you find her, you take her into custody, secure her phone. you find him, do not take independent action. call for backup. and i don't need to tell you to wear your vests.
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- against an ak-47? - wear 'em anyway. nobody be a hero. remember, time, distance, and cover are our friends. - you know jeannie kerns? - yeah, i know that old bag. - so you mean she doesn't work for you? - she don't work for nobody. - you seen her tonight? - i see her every night. - look, here's my card. - look, we're not gonna jam you up. - we just wanna ask you a few questions. - nobody called the rape police. - okay, do you know her? - jeannie's in trouble? - you know where she is? - no. i know she got in a car and took off. - what time? - maybe two hours ago. - with this man? - could be, i mean-- she said a regular called her tonight. what'd he do? - we just need to find jeannie. - she can take care of herself. she'll be all right. there she is. jeannie! jeannie!
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- hey, hey. get back. stay back. - we got him. southwest corner of faile. suspect is driving a blue minivan. [sirens blaring] - what the hell? - step away from the vehicle. - let me see your hands. - get 'em up! get your hands up! - get out of the car. hands up. - i didn't do anything. - now! - on the ground! - okay, that's not rasmussen. - hands behind your back. - baby seats. - jeannie kerns? - yeah. what-- he was just giving me a ride. - have you seen him tonight? - okay. what is all this? - look, we need you to come down to the station, ask you a few questions. - you got the money, honey, i got the time. i know you. you arrested me before? - no. but 20 years ago, a john was getting rough with you in the car, and you wouldn't press charges. it was the same guy. - if you say so. i hate it when they hit me in the teeth-- or the eyes.
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then you get floaters, that's the worst. hey, you don't have any amaretto, do you? - i'm asking you again. did you see this guy tonight? - i don't know. i have a lot of dates. it's hard to keep track. it's not like i know him well. - craig rasmussen? he's called you almost once a week for the last 25 years. - okay, so you know everything. why are you asking me questions? and what did he do? all these cops, it ain't because he's a john. - jeannie. he's a person of interest in a-- - ooh, i love your necklace. where'd you get that? - hey, your regular? he's on a killing spree. - what? that's crazy, right? - he shot five people, jeannie. maybe more. - what? - yeah, he lost his job, started drinkin', went down a hole. - no, no, no. no. he's a bus driver. he's still working. - he was laid off nine months ago. - are you sure? 'cause i've been seeing him every thursday, payday. - well, maybe he was keeping up appearances till he couldn't. - he's a real lousy drunk. i coul smell it on his breath. he was in a real bad mood tonight.
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is this her? - his wife, yes. where is he, jeannie? - i don't know. - but you did see him tonight? - yeah. he picked me up on east bay avenue. but it wasn't his regular car. it was a honda. - what color? what time? - 10:00, 10:30. silver, i think. and usually we have the date in the back of his car, but he wanted to go to a motel. - where? - yankee motor inn, off the cross bronx. - and what happened there? - nothing. we go to get the room. he comes back. he tells me he has 20 bucks. he wants it around the world, he'll pay me later. i say, "honey, it doesn't work that way. "20 bucks get you a jack. and that's just 'cause we're friends." so he gets real pissed. i told you, he was in a mood. i just walked out. - so you're saying he stayed in the room? - well, he probably got himself off. i shoulda kept that 20 bucks. - well, he hasn't slept since this began. he could still be up there.
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- captain, clerk says rasmussen hasn't checked out. the honda's still in the parking lot. we're on it. - so they was only in the room for, like, five minutes. then the hooker comes out and asks me to call her a cab. some other guy offers her a lift and i fell asleep, but this is room 206. - police! search warrant! - fin. - we got one. call a bus. - one leader to central. - two. guys, we need a bus in here now. - yeah, i've got multiple casualties. we need a bus sent to our location. - got three. take it easy, man, okay? help's on the way. - [unsteadily] he bangs on the door and says we're too loud, then starts shooting. [gagging] oh, god... - don't try to talk, man, okay? - please don't tell my mom.
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a hairline fracture to the mandible and contusions to the metacarpus. what do you see? um, i see a duck. be more specific. i see the aflac duck. i see the aflac duck out of work and not making any money. i see him moving in with his parents and selling bootleg dvds out of the back of a van. dude, that's your life. remember, aflac will give him cash to help cover his rent, car payments and keep everything as normal as possible. i see lunch. [ monitor beeping ] let's move on. [ male announcer ] find out what a hospital stay could really cost you
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- i didn't hear no gunshots. no, i had my headphones on. i told y'all, i was asleep. look, nobody ever said anything. - what you mean is no one here wants the police to know their business. - exactly. you know what? we're gonna need to see your security footage from this parking lot, your office, these hallways-- - couple reported their car's been stolen. - make, model, license number? did you ask? - rasmussen left the motel in a stolen subaru. last seen heading south toward hunts point. - oh, heading back. looking for jeannie? - look, she turned him down because he didn't have cash. we have three bodies, no money in their wallets. he's flush. - rasmussen's job, it was in the city? - we have port authority covered. protection for his supervisor, co-workers,
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and two ex-wives. - any kids? - no, not that we've found. no friends either. closest friend is his bartender. - and jeannie. he's kept in touch with her through three marriages. he's in the middle of a killing spree. she turns him down. he lets her go. - and takes his anger out on the strangers next door. - my team will interrogate, ascertain if he shared any confidences... - ah. - or if he told her his destination. - hold on. with all due respect, i think that she would be more comfortable if we talked to her. we talk to sex victims every day. - no, she's not a victim. she's a prostitute. - are you kidding me? - it's fbi protocol. you have yours. we have ours. - take that attitude in there, i can promise you, you're gonna shut her down. - look, she wants out as it is, and we can't hold her. - so arrest her. - arrest her? well, forget about her cooperation. - agent cantwell, my people have a rapport with her. they'll get what you need. - hey. you can't light up in here. i can take you for a walk later, okay? - later? i gotta go. it's friday night. i gotta get to work. you know how much money i'm losing? - you go back out there and craig comes after you, we can't protect you.
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- i been taking care of myself on the street for 25 years, longer than you been an altar boy, mijo. i'm a survivor. i can handle craig. - like you did 20 years ago, when he broke your wrist? - yeah, i remember that. we had a fight. i withdrew the complaint. afterward, he cried like a little boy. - yeah, well, he's not the craig you know. he snapped. - i think you got the wrong guy. - jeannie, after you left the motel room, he shot three more people. - no. [gasps] no! this is yvette. - you know her? - yes, this is yvette jimenez. she was just a baby. this isn't my fault. you can't put this on me. - we're not saying that. - i-- he can't just owe me. i can't work that way. i got rent to pay. i got bills. i gotta go. - hey, look, we think he's looking for you. he was last seen headed back to hunts point. - you know what, i had johns come after me with razor blades, a table leg. i go to mass every day. i pray. - yeah, well, maybe god protects you, but...
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what about yvette, hmm? what about your friends out at hunts point? - hey, man, you trying to guilt me? - no, jeannie. you may know something that will be of help, something that you think that is not important, okay? we're asking you to help us now. please. - [sighs] well, if i help you, what do i get out of it? - we will work something out. - well, i want dinner, right now. and not some bologna sandwich. i want a steak. - we can do that. - and a baked potato. - creamed spinach? how 'bout another cup of coffee? - thanks, hon. - you're welcome, darlin'. i got you. - does he always do what you tell him to? - it's not like that, jeannie. we're partners. - yeah. you're the boss. - creamed spinach. how 'bout dessert? maybe draw her a bath. - hey, back off. we're getting somewhere.
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- yeah, well, not fast enough. - are you serious? - nick. - i remember where i've seen you before. - i told you. it was the assault. - no, no, no. it was ten years ago. port authority, a rapist was targeting working girls. my friend darla, she got beat up real bad. she said you were nice. - let me ask you something, jeannie. how long have you been seeing craig? - oh, enough of the chit-chat? [chuckles] okay, let's see. uh, i'd just started working. my boyfriend left me. i had a baby to feed. craig was one of my first dates. it was the night that the mets won the world series. - '80... - '86. yeah, those were good times. guys were feeling lucky. they were feeling generous. - so he's been seeing you longer than any of his wives. - he was different when he was younger. he was angrier. it's better now. or maybe you can just get used to anything. that's what some counselor told me. - counselor? - court-ordered therapy.
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blah, blah, blah. total waste of time. nothing i didn't know already anyway. - jeannie. maybe you didn't have the right counselor. - i don't know why people pay for that anyway. just come on, guys. get a dog. - i know people that you can talk to, people that aren't gonna judge you. they won't charge you. because you can't keep doing this. [cell phone beeps] - pick it up. [beeping continues] - but i-i don't recognize this number. - answer it, jeannie. - who are you? - agent cantwell is from the fbi. - we got a trace on your phone. keep him talking. - what do i say? - do not tell him that you've seen the news, and do not tell him you're with the police. - he ain't stupid. - and neither are you, jeannie. - detective. - go ahead. - shh. hello? hey, baby. hi. oh, i'm so glad you called. yeah, i know. i'm sorry too, baby. i'm sorry about tonight. - w-where are you? i need to see you. - i want to see you.
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no, honey, i didn't turn on the tv. i been working. - my head's pounding. i gotta go. - oh, wait, honey. you got a headache? no. don't go. talk to me. [suspenseful music] ♪ - i miss you. - aww. i miss you. - i'll get you. we'll go for a drive. cross-country. we can drive to vegas and get married. we talked about that. - yeah, we did. it's kinda hard to pull that off when you're already married. - don't start with that. - come on, honey. you know i don't mean it. - the way i see, we could be there in two days. i'll get a quickie divorce, and then we get hitched. - whatever you want, baby. whatever makes you happy. so, baby, you got a bad headache? huh? come on, don't hang up. talk to me.
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baby? - good. - oh, you did great. [ominous music] ♪ ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. the most consistent speeds indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah. this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. so it's better. yes. oh, why didn't you just say that? huh-- what is he doing?
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